BTC unleashes the iPhone on the Bahamas

Well, it’s finally here.  Kinda.  While BTC isn’t promoting it outright, the fact still remains that if you walked into their store at the Mall at Marathon, you would see a brand spankin’ new white iPhone 4S sitting there and looking pretty for $727.

I’ll be heading into the store hopefully sometime this weekend to take a look at the legendary phone and its female whimsy, “Siri”.  From what I can gather however, the phones work just fine down here, are straight from Apple, and don’t need a Gevey SIM card to unlock your carrier (BTC).  No word on if the price is overall for both post-paid and pre-paid, but I’ll figure that out later.

With this, however, it’s looking like we might not be getting that Apple store after all.  However, just like how Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have the iPhone while Apple still has stores in the states…we might still want to have some hope for the future.

The question is now, which phone will reign supreme in the Bahamas?  The fight has finally started between Apple and Samsung with HTC and RIM sitting and waiting for any sideline blows they can give before the first quarter of the year ends.

Michael Armogan

Michael Armogan

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