Preorder the Samsung Galaxy S III from BTC NOW

TechMobilePreorder the Samsung Galaxy S III from BTC NOW

I’ll keep this one simple, short, and sweet.  Currently BTC is selling the Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300) for only $629, that’s cheaper than eBay or Amazon’s prices by about 40-60 bucks, with no need for shipping/handling/taxes.  Once this is gone, it’s gone and the price goes up to $759.  That’s an effective save of $130 bucks.

It’s also not bad considering you would be getting the quad core version of the phone, which in benchmarking tests performs over all other phones at this point in time, even it’s dual core variant. Point said, get it now before it’s gone.

Check out the link below to get in on the action

Preorder the Galaxy S III today!


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