Tech Talk: Ep 1 – Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon…. NO ONE’S SAFE

Podcasts MOAR Tech Tech Talk: Ep 1 - Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.......

Tech Talk’s premiere show (pilot episode)! The host is Michael Armogan. Guests are Chris and Vicky, covering the below topics:


  • Nougat hits 10% distribution
  • O DP3 confirmed to be 8.0


  • Scam to trick people into paying for app
  • Rolls out auto-generated albums quick replies and more


  • iOS 11 released but makes it easier to record snaps
  • iCloud 2TB now only $10, beats Google and Dropbox offers (for now)
  • iOS 4 not compatible with iOS 10 and under, bye iPhone 5/5c and earlier
  • Possibly helping governments spy on you
  • Expands its secret screen repair machine to 3rd parties
  • Teardown finds you can replace new iMac RAM and processors – but only if you take off the screen
  • Drag and drop found to be working but turned off on iPhones
  • iPhone 8 design could be causing problems


  • Note 8 likely to have fingerprint scanner on the back as well
  • S8 customers being sent ads via built in-game services


  • Kills off unlimited data storage package
  • Opens Alexa voice control to all video streaming services


  • Applied for patent to capture pictures of user via their phone to analyse faction emotions
  • New tool allows politicians to keep tabs on constituents

Game hacks become illegal in South Korea
Pokemon Go Solstice event – first official live event
Boston Dynamics now owned by Softbank
Cortana in Edge will help find lower prices while shopping
Google Local Guides now have more perks and higher levels
Amazon, Mozilla, Kickstarter and Reddit stage a Net Neutrality online protest (and more join up)


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