Tech Talk: Ep 15 – Sending nudes to Facebook, Chrome stops redirects, NASA and Uber team up & more!

MichaelVicquellChris, and Nally talk about:
– Windows 10 also getting AirDrop type feature
– Skype getting Slack and Snapchat features?
– New File Manager for Android?
– Blowgate? on the S8 and Note8
– IoT and how they can break down
– Apple News
– Harry Potter and Niantic
– Twitter now using 280 characters
– Miiverse is dead, Jim
– Chrome blocking redirect ads in 2018
– Facebook and Revenge Porn
– TripAdvisor finally handles sexual assault reports with a badge
– NASA and Uber team up for drone style flying taxis

Original air date: November 9th, 2017

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Michael Armogan

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