Tech Talk: Ep 19 – Best of CES 2018 | Google, Samsung SmartThings, TVs and more!

In Tech Talk this week, Michael, Chris and Vicquell go over the products that made their top picks from CES 2018!

Use the time codes below to jump to the section that interests you:
2:01 Razer’s Project Linda
10:00 Lenovo’s Mix 630
15:45 Google killing Android Pay and Google Wallet to birth Google Pay & Google Segmentation
27:56 Google Assistant in all the things thanks to Lenovo, JBL, LG and Sony
31:57 Vivo’s onscreen fingerprint sensor
36:47 Samsung’s The Wall
38:17 MicroLED and Modular TV’s
41:03 8K, is it really needed? When will it stop?
48:05 LG’s Rollable TV prototype
51:09 Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem
1:07:26 DJI’s Copilot

Special mentions:
DJI’s OSMO Mobile 2 selfie stick
Sony’s Aibo dog robot
Aflac Duck

Original air date: Jan 25th, 2018

Michael Armogan

Michael Armogan

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