Tech Talk – Ep 20: Face scanners; Deepfakes, HomePods and more!

Join Michael, Vicquell, and Chris as they go over:

0:43 Apple delaying iOS and macOS features to focus on performance and reliability for next major release
6:02 HomePod – the difference is the sound says Cook, but no stereo?
10:32 Do we need more cameras on our phones?
15:29 Next-gen cameras to see through walls and human bodies
18:11 Deep Fakes – what they are and how places are handling it
28:00 Google Flights
36:12 Facebook messenger
37:41 Samsung Galaxy S9 combining face and iris scanner for intelligent scanning and a possible flexible phone Galaxy X?
49:45 Samsung beats out Intel as top chip maker
52:26 Vivo’s beast of a smartphone
56:30 Amazon’s Echo now sends texts from your Android

Original air date: Feb 1st, 2018

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Michael Armogan

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