Tech Talk: Ep 27 – Facebook, Apple and new password standard!

Michael and Vicquell (#teamvicky) talk about the recent Facebook scandal, Apple news, and a new password standard!

What’s the point of this congressional hearing
Paused research project that asked hospitals to hand over patient data
Mark and other top Execs deleted messages to old employees, now coming to everyone else
Blocking apps from getting user data after 90 days of non-use
Bug bounty to find data thieves

iPhone Red
New iOS 11 update bricks iPhone 8, 8+ and X 3rd party displays
Have to pay half a billion to patent troll
2019 iPhone with 3 cameras?
Demanding better screen pricing from Samsung
Low HomePod sales

New web standard for getting rid of passwords; tying in with Touch ID, Face ID, Fingerprint scanners, Webcams and USB keys

Original air date: April 12th, 2018

Michael Armogan

Michael Armogan

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