The Mobile War Is Here – Part One – The Settlement

No, I couldn’t help myself.  The picture and the title…couldn’t resist.  What I also can’t resist is looking at and wondering just how bad things are going to get once the public really finds out about the iPhone being sold directly from the carrier.  This means the war that’s being waged across the world, quite literally mind you albeit a legal and business war, has finally reached the tropical shores of the Bahamas.

What war might I be talking about? The war between Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, and Motorola (recently purchased by Google).  But over all picture? Android vs iOS.  So where does this put RIM with their BlackBerry devices and Microsoft with their Windows phones (still not sold down here from BTC)?  That’s a good question considering how large RIM’s product sales are down here.  Perhaps one of these days we’ll get a Units Sold Per Phone breakdown so we could graph it out and see just which phones reign supreme down here.  Of course if they could tell us which phones are active, even if just using data, that’d be nice to know.
To get a grasp on exactly this may turn out, we have to look at device history down here from estimations (mine at least).  BTC’s mobile section came out with most people going with Nokia, then slowly most turned to BlackBerry after BTC started their EDGE program for corps and personal phones.  Since then, BlackBerries have been the main phone here in the Bahamas with Nokia being the second followed by LG/Motorola/Sony Ericsson, etc.
In the past few years however, with the advent of 3G overseas and phones like the iPhone being made, a select few started to look at their dumbphones, yes…that’s actually the name, and then back at the shiny smartphones, then back to their dumbphones and then ran to the smartphone of their choice namely…the iPhone.  Back then there was little choice, you either had a generic dumbphone, a phone with Symbian/webOS (webOS came out in 2009, two years after the first iPhone but it’s still a valid point) or you could get an Apple iPhone.  A lot of people already knew about Apple thanks to Macintosh and then Mac computers so they knew it was a safe bet for the most part.  What they didn’t know was what would happen to the rest of the world while we stayed in the 2G range.
More tomorrow.  I have to go find ways to torture my friend who’s now completely sunburnt and as red as a lobster. *pokepoke*
Michael Armogan

Michael Armogan

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