The Note Edge: The gateway device to the future

Tech Mobile The Note Edge: The gateway device to the future

Let’s be honest, I’m not going to be happy if I’m at a meeting and I see a sexy text from a girl I know sliding across the side of my phone – for all my co-workers to see.

Let’s be honest, in many reviews done so far, everyone’s avoiding touching the side. Even regular, non-techie folk are noticing this and it’s embarrassing. Right now, I don’t want to look like this guy…. All I’ll say is, look at how he has to hold it.

Let’s be honest, this seemed like bread and butter last year, but we had too much time to think it over as little more than a gimmick. While some will probably still go for it, many know it’s only a gateway device.

Wait, what’s a gateway device?

A gateway device is something that’s created, not so much for full on use but for getting people interested in a particular type or set of technologies. In this case, curved screens. Of course, the curved TV beat the Edge to the actual market but “curved” wasn’t in anyone’s minds until Samsung showed their flexible displays last year.

It seems like a good idea, until you actually start to use it. Of course the media will hype it up as much as possible but the real reviews are those who buy it, use it for a few MONTHS, and then tell us their story.


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