Why you should move from BBM and WhatsApp to ChatON

Let’s face it, in the coming months you’ll be forced to make a choice, WhatsApp or ChatON. BBM’s on the backburner as well since ChatON works for BlackBerries too. Let’s get to why you should switch to ChatON.

ChatON takes the best of both worlds on its approach to the game by taking key features from WhatsApp, BBM, and now seemingly Skype and Viber.


  • Change your profile picture
  • Set their birthday
  • Post stuff to friends’ profiles (what?)
  • Block people
  • Auto-generates your contacts who are using it to your contact list
  • Use your PC to chat with contacts (in beta)  https://web.samsungchaton.com/index.html
  • Password lock your chats
  • Hide your number from friends
  • Has a popup notification if you want
  • Delete account


  • Group chats go up to 30, have a shared trunk for all media shared
  • Can use emoji’s, create animated drawings/pictures
  • Can send pictures, take a picture, videos, record a video, record your voice/surroundings, send a contact, send a document (PDF, HWP, GUL, PPT, XLS, and DOC), send a calendar event, and of course send your location
  • Change backgrounds, etc.
  • Encrypted text and file share – Something that WhatsApp doesn’t have
It’s also now looking into 3G/4G voice calls.  Add that on to it being on pretty much every smartphone platform out there? Yeah.  Come join me on it.

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