Will Motorola beat Samsung as top Android maker?

If you took a look at my last article, you’d have an idea of what’s going through my head. Gut instinct tells me that Google is winding up to put some force behind Moto in the coming months. The question is just how well it’ll do against the current king of Androids.

Let’s take a look at what’s come out so far, the Moto X – a high end Android that has gotten some fame among the tech savy, and the Moto G – a mid-range device that is sure to win the hearts of many. In comparison, the Nexus 5 (made by LG) seems to have a give and take relationship with the Moto X but keeps the Moto G’s low price point.

Why wouldn’t Moto go all out from the start though?

Well, for starters the company was almost a dead name until just recently. If you ask most people, they’d probably say the Razr flip was the last phone they knew about. Though we know how Moto was with their DROID varients….

So that means it’s time to built itself back up, get that customer loyalty back, and pump out some awesome phones that would make Papa Google proud. After all, it’s a Google company.

But Samsung has a HUGE hold on the market….

That’s true! Samsung’s market share is crazy right now, but what they are doing at the moment is hurting their image while they learn what customers want. It’s because of that reason that we have, what, 12 different versions of the S4? Yes, I’m counting the different versions released in different markets.

At the same time, they aren’t bringing that many changes to the OS anymore. The S4 mainly featured new camera taking options, the normal upgrade of Android version, more Dropbox space and S Health. Most of the other stuff can be done with normal Google apps for a fraction of the harddrive space. The Note 3’s main feature was its updated S-Pen, which I still think is brilliant since it uses Wacom tech to be really snazzy. Dual apps on the screen is still something I’ll admit I’m waiting Android to get by default.

Then there’s the fact …

and it’s not just Sammie doing this, that 4.4 allows much older tech to run on the newest OS – but the makers likely won’t allow it. Why? Because it’ll cut profits, it’ll require testing time and money, and they wouldn’t be able to sell a new phone with it – DUH!

Then again, with low ROM space users would likely run into problems anyway since it only takes a few apps and then they would start having space problems; not even being able to receive a text because there’s no space would be annoying. It sounds nicer that they are doing it to save us, after all. 🙂

In the end

We can’t be sure about it, but a lot of people watching the market who are informed are starting to keep an eye on Motorola again. We’re not expecting much right up in now, but the winds of change do seem to be blowing.

Michael Armogan

Michael Armogan

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